One place to manage your team, projects and tasks

Simplicity, focus, achievement and ease of communication

Karaaz focuses on five key aspects in managing your projects

Track you working hours more easily

Counter and timer for team work helps you:

  • Set time for your work, projects and tasks and control it
  • Link the number of working hours per project
  • Track your team’s working hours through ‘Project Activities’ page
  • Know the total daily, weekly and monthly working hours and your team’s achievement.
Track you working hours more easily

Projects are the biggest image

Managing your tasks and your team is linked to the project:

  • You can create several separate projects and add your team to each of them
  • You can create a link to your projects and switch among priorities simply
  • Each project has its own team, activities, files and even private talks
  • A private process registry to track movements on your project
  • Daily and weekly reports on the events of your project.
Projects are the biggest image

Smooth and easy task implementation

Because tasks are the core of projects, Karaaz allows you to:

  • Add, edit and sort tasks by tags quickly
  • Drag and drop your tasks (tasks under work and deferred tasks)
  • Assign one or more tasks to a member of your team by dragging it simply
  • Set the end date, priority, tags or details of each task
  • Archiving completed tasks automatically after midnight on a daily basis.
Smooth and easy task implementation

Project files are in one place

Upload and share it with your team

  • You can upload any file to your Karaaz project, and the system will recognize it.
  • You can preview a file in Karaaz, whether it is a design or partial software.
  • You can create a short link of a file and share it outside the platform.
  • You can assign and send any file to a member of your team directly or through your live chat.
  • You can sort the files in your project according to their extension and type.
Project files are in one place

Team Live Chat

Communication in the workplace is an essential part of any project

  • You can invite anyone to your project by adding his/her email address.
  • You can chat with your team and share your work files with them.
  • You can create separate groups and chat with them simultaneously.
  • You can set the privacy of projects and which your team will see.
Team Live Chat

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Karaaz Sneak Peek

Karaaz Sneak Peek

This is the first Karaaz sneak peek.

Karaaz Detailed Overview

Karaaz Detailed Overview

Easy from the start, No manual required.

Your tasks, conversations and ideas are in a safe place

Everything related to your projects in Karaaz, your team members and even your tasks are stored safely where no one else has access to them other than you.

Your tasks, conversations and ideas are in a safe place

You have a whole free trial year with Karaaz

You can try everything in Karaaz before you go to the paid plan

365 Days Free Trial


Umlimited team members
200 MB storage space for your files
Manage and create 3 different projects


One year subscription


Unlimited team members
5 GB storage space for your files
Unlimited projects